I have been using Automotive Systems for the last 17 years - through Bruce and Stacy first, and now with Stacy, Rolly, and Glenn. They have always given excellent service and customer service, as well as very reasonable prices. The main reason I use them is trust. When you are a single female, it is very important you have someone working on your car that you trust. I am in sales and put a ton of miles on my car every year, and it is important that I know my car is well-maintained. I also trust they only do what is needed on my car and do not add anything to it. I have even taken my car before, thought it needed something, and they would tell me it didn't. I trust their expertise and experience as well. These are great folks who provide great service! Thanks Automotive Systems!!
Lynn Blanton Coffey
We have been customers of Automotive Systems since 1998. From day one, they have been very professional and courteous in dealing with all of our mechanical needs. We have an original 1968 Camaro that is our baby and there has never been more than 5 sets of hands allowed under the hood. Bruce use to take it home with him and babied it like it was his own. Honesty and Professionalism is the hallmark of their business. They go out of their way to ensure their customers fully understand the cost and necessary repairs to rectify any mechanical problem. We have entrusted ALL of our 6+ vehicles maintenance problems to them and they have never failed to satisfy us. Everyone we refer to them are happy for the referral as well. It's hard now a days to find businesses with such high quality ethics and customer service. If you want it done right these are the folks you take ALL of your mechanical needs to. It gives us peace of mind to know that any family member can take their automobile to them and it will be fixed honestly, quickly and economically priced.
Lee Stuart
LTC, (Ret) USA
My family has been a customer of Automotive Systems for almost 20 years. With my car, my wife’s car and two children driving additional cars, we are always having routine maintenance performed on a vehicle. Stacy and her team are always flexible with scheduling allowing us to drop off cars or wait if the service is quick and easy. Whenever one of the cars requires a more significant repair, Automotive Systems always shops for the most cost effective replacement parts, keeps me up to date on the progress of the repairs, and completes all work on schedule and in a timely basis. Everyone in the shop is friendly, personable and knowledgeable. They have always been able to diagnosis and repair any problem, large or small, to my complete satisfaction. I have recommended Automotive Systems to many of my neighbors who have had the same experience as I have.
Jim Gardner
I appreciate the service you've provided to my family members and me over the years. Years ago--before you were located in Henry County--when I was a beginning driver, my dad advised me to "count on Bruce" if I needed any car service. Dad was distinguishing for me the differences between using "big time dealers"in town and personal service from a "home town company". He was right. One example is when a dealer recommended a $2,500.00 fix and you provided the service for about $250.00. That's happened more than once for us.One of our biggest appreciations is that Bruce never recommends services that are not needed, and he always quotes his price, explaining why the price is what it is when we think it may be a high quote. Bruce's quote has never been as high as the dealer's quotes. Bruce's explanation about his costs and the time required on the service puts everything into perspective. Once we even shared some of Bruce's information with a dealer, thinking the dealer might match Bruce's price, only to learn that the dealer simply generated more malarkey--even increasing its original quote--which sent us right back to Automotive Systems, where Bruce honored what he said the first time we asked.Simply stated, Automotive Systems is a good place where honest, dependable information and service is delivered to its customers on a daily basis. The fact that you are dealing with reasonable and qualified people is the plus that keeps you in the neighborhood. Thank you for all you do. Bruce, Stacy and everybody at Automotive Systems. We count on you because you're you.
Peggy Malcom
I have been using Automotive Systems for over 10 years. A lot of places will see a woman cone in alone and try to do unnecessary repairs. Bruce has never tried to do any unnecessary repairs on my car and I totally trust his judgment and what is in my best interest. Because of the trust and confidence I have in Automotive Systems, I have referred many friends there, all of whom have been pleased and are still using their services.
Sharon Easley
I have been a customer of Automotive Systems for 30 years. They have always done great work for me and are like Family to me. i would recommend them to everyone. They are always very helpful when i have a problem and always solves the problem very satisfactorily each time I go to them! Thank you Automotive Systems for "all" the good work you've done throughout the many years, you've done such good work.
Paul E. Still